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A storm stopped the concert in Mexico

A storm stopped Deftones concert in Guadalajara, Mexico.

They played less than half an hour: Diamond Eyes, Rocket Skates, Be Quiet and Drive, My Own Summer, and, just at Tempest, the flood was so strong to damage the amplifiers. As we can read on “” (link), Deftones have waited on stage, to see if something could be done, but in the end, Chino was forced to greet the public, ending the show early.

A few hours later, Our Deftones shared on social networks (link) the following message of regret about what happened:

9.7.14 Guadalajara MX – Dear Guadalajara,

We are so very sorry. We tried to play as long as possible but this was totally out of our control. We played until our amps stopped working and the situation became a SERIOUS safety risk to everyone involved. We love you and hope you all understand. Our aim was to rock and have a wonderful evening with you….unfortunately it was cut short this time. Thanks for understanding. We’ll be back!!!!