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13th April 2014

Ok, let’s understand what happened on the first anniversary of the death of Our Chi. Below is the image that appeared on the website of Deftones when they were writing Eros, before the tragic accident.

What no one expected was the upload of “Smile“, the first song to be released from the album “Eros“, from the official YouTube channel of Chino Moreno. The song does not seem mixed, we can infer that Smile is one of those songs almost-completed of Eros. It was a very touching gesture by Deftones (Chino has uploaded it, but on social network it’s signed by Deftones), and it is a wonderful thing to be able to listen something new of Chi. Now YouTube has blocked the video for a claim of copyright infringement from Warner Music Group. We do not enter into the discussion of how labels act, or rather, the major labels.

We can assume that the idea of making us listen again Chi, has been chosen by Deftones, in spite of the label and other legal stuff. It was a gift from Deftones to all the fans, to all those who follow the group. Many webzine bring the news today of the new song, many will wrote the next few days, but it is blocked for copyright, but all of us true fans, somewhere we have seen the song and we had the chance to listen again our Chi.

Sergio has uploaded to Instagram this wonderful photo with the words “immortal BASS“.

One Love For Chi (link) has shared a video, put online by Dingo Dave, dating back to 1991, where we can see Chi sing live a couple of songs in the punk band “Frozen Death Puppies“. The group made only one concert, it is a very rare video.

A busy day, as it should have been, to remember our Chi Cheng.