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New songs on July!

From another great article by Deftones Latino (link) we learn that this month the Kerrang! magazine (available only in paper form) Chino and Abe announced new songs for Sonisphere in the UK in July of this year!

In a previous interview in Rolling Stone released this month (link), Chino had expressed the intention to remain firm for the rest of the year, and start writing next year. Now we know that the interview was done last year (probably in November-December 2013) to be published later this year.

In fact, on Kerrang! Chino said the plan to start recording soon, to be able to have the album ready for the start of 2015. He also said that he had already started writing riffs, chords and have a lot of ideas.

Abe in addition of the enthusiasm of playing at Sonisphere before Iron Maiden, he said Deftones will begin writing within one month, they have already talked about where and when they will play, to conclude by saying they will play some new songs in July at Sonisphere!