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Entertain Me: A Film About Deftones

“I am officially making it available to the most amazing fans in the world, starting 26/12/2015.

It will be 10 bucks for the FULL and CLEAN resolution download of the FINAL EDIT of this film.

Please note, that I saw the leak, and that version is so old it’s not even funny.

To recap:

ENTERTAIN me: A FILM ABOUT DEFTONES, the real, uncut, director’s final version
will be officially released on 26/12/2015.
The website is being finalized today.

I hope you all enjoy it, sorry it only took 15 years to get out.”


With this post on SharingLungs (link), the filmmaker Andrew Bennett announced the release of the documentary of Ours Deftones, White Pony era.