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Defaming Portrait

I kneel at the altar
crave your name
and hail to the gods
I’ve climbed your trees
and I peeled your fruit
when I tasted your kiss
how amazing
that you were sent
like you where molded out
out of thin air
and I don’t want you to disappear
but I want you to carry us out here
we sail through arc light
attach the wings
and wait for the gods
we found your grail
we drank your juice
and we tasted your gift
I will wait here
a thousand years
I will choose to
immerse in your eyes
I’ve seen the truth
and I know your strength
I have watched your great ascent
now we sing
now we sing your praises
and now we face the sky
the sky
the sky
the sky
on top of the crux
I’ve climbed every rung
to bathe
in your sunlight
I kneel at the altar
I promised you
I would stay to the end
I will hold and praise
and feel your truth
now let us drink to the gods
I will sing
I will sing your praises
I will scream
I will scream your praises

The “Pittura Infamante”, or “Pittura d’Infamia”, was a punishment used in the Centeal/North Italy during the Renaissance era.

The image of those who had been guilty of particular crimes, from treason to bankruptcy, from murder to false, was painted on the outside walls of public buildings in the central squares or on the doors to the city, or repeated in the most symbolic places to multiply the effectiveness. In addition to the social limitations and deprivation of rights, the affected individuals also suffered the indignity of passersby.” (from: Lœscher Editore, Pittura d’Infamia [IT])

Pittura Infamante




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